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Huntercombe End Farm is a private yard offering facilities for training, whether for lessons or an intensive training course for horse and rider.

The arena is 60 x 20 and has a lunge pen attached.  The yard position means there is access to good and varied hacking with need for very little road work.

Other facilities in the yard include a wash down box, horse walker, storage for each stable and tack room.  The tack room and stable barn are alarmed at night and there is 24hr supervision.

20 x 60 arena at Huntercombe End Farm, Day Equestrian Fibre sand surface, Full width mirrors, letter markers correctly spaced for 60m and 40m arenas, SJ's for grids or courses including skinnies and corners

 We have stables available for horses to come on intensive training courses, to address a particular issue or to progress you and your horses' education.  

We occasionally have horses for sale and will often know of others, please contact with your requirements to see if we can help.

" I have received training at big commercial yards before.  Nothing however could have prepared me for the intensity of the training and care with which I was treated at this small private yard"