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I believe the basis of good training is the ability to quickly assess horse and rider issues and then be able to put together a plan to resolve them with small achievable goals to help with checking on progress.  Working on both the horse and rider allows the combination to progress together.  Confidence is often issue for either horse or rider both on the flat and when jumping and by being able to accurately judge the combination's abilities and then only push them within these, that confidence can quickly grow.  

All aspects are covered in training to ensure partnerships are well equipped to tackle their goals, whatever level that may be and to help them reach their full potential.

Individual or group lessons are available on an hourly basis either at Huntercombe End Farm or at another convenient venue.  These can cover all aspects of flatwork and SJ, as well as techniques for XC.   XC instruction can be arranged at any local venues available to hire.  I am also happy to travel further afield to teach half or full day clinics.

We run regular clinics with small groups for SJ training at Huntercombe and other local venues to hire SJ courses and for XC schooling, and also a camp each year.  These allow for training alongside meeting others for enjoyable and supportive atmosphere.   Please sign up to our email group for details of these.  

Intensive training courses can also be arranged on an individual basis.

1 hr private lessons £40 either at Huntercombe End Farm or at your yard (travel costs may also apply if further afield)

Please contact us for details of group, clinic or training course prices and availability.  Any cancellation must be with 24 hrs notice to not incur charge.

Pictures from training clinics and camp:

I will discuss and assess the issues that are affecting the performance of the horse or confidence of the rider and work to eliminate them.  Each lesson is geared to how the combination is performing at the time so that any new challenges can be dealt with without being affected by any preset agenda.

I am happy to teach at all levels and find it rewarding to help people achieve their personal goals at whichever level that may be - from waiting to improve the rideability and therefore enjoyment of your hacks, building towards low level competitions,  right through to competition training for all aspects of all the affiliated disciplines.  


The lesson can be tailored to meet the needs of :

- Novice riders wishing to improve their every day riding skills or their relationship with their horse, as well as building confidence and technique to compete in first dressage competitions.

- Riders with green horses needing help with improving their flatwork

- Dressage riders and eventers requiring further training to improve their performance.

- Those riding at higher levels needing training towards specific tests or movements as well as correct way of going.


The lesson can be tailored to meet the needs of :

- Novice riders just starting to show jump requiring confidence and technique training

- Novice horses just starting to show jump also requiring confidence and technique training

- Horses and riders with "hang ups" about certain types of jumps

- Those with specific problems they wish to address

- Eventers who need to sharpen up their jumping

Cross Country

The lesson can be tailored to meet the needs of :

- Those dealing with fear or apprehension in both horse and rider

- Speed related to performance

- Accuracy and technique

- Course walking

- Horse and rider phobias

- Riders wishing to improve their technique and wishing to upgrade their level of competition